Scoobyfest UK 2017 RWYB format.

Scoobyfest UK RWYB will be available at two different rates depending on your budget.

1.  £10 per run,
if you are on a budget, short on time or just want to get a few runs in then sign on as normal pay £10 and you will be given a race number and a ticket, you then present your ticket to the marshal and they will allow you on track. Should you pay for 4 runs at a total of £40 it will open you up to Unlimited Runs and your race number will be modified.

2.  £40 Unlimited Runs,
This is the same as previous years if you arrive early and stay late you can reach double figures. You will also get a stamp on our loyalty card.

Loyalty Card
If you pay for 5 unlimited runs at one of our RWYB/Ultimate RWYB sessions you will get the 6th one free. These events run throughout the year as advertised.

What you need to bring.

Your driver’s license, crash helmet (we do have a limited supply to loan) and be sure to keep your arms and legs covered, no shorts n t-shirt.

A safe vehicle.
Most of you will drive your car to the venue; it is likely to pass our scrutineering. Our biggest fails are batteries not secured, inappropriate seat belts, poorly fitted aftermarket seat and wheel nuts. Please make sure that you have all your wheel nuts on, your battery is strapped down, and any aftermarket belts and seats are securely fitted.

There will be a Subaru only class for Scoobyfest UK so all the Subaru`s can run together down the strip and a Trophy presented to the fastest Subaru on the day. And of course the ultimate street racer prize money is also up for grabs for all street legal cars at the 40th Anniversary 2017 event.